AUGUST 2017 PROOFS release does confirm the value of INSEME sire portfolio! The bulls that mark this release are All. Mei. Royal Chavez, All. Nure Secretariat and Calstelbosco Inseme Judo.

Chavez is one of the most interesting Snowman's sons available. He comes from the family of the fantastic Larcrest Cosmopolitan. His excellence lays in a great production combined with superb conformation and positive fitness traits.

Secretariat is at his second release with over 650 milking daughters. He proves once more to be the best type bull in Italy with positive production and great fitness traits. This fantastic son of Numero Uno comes from the Morningview Converse Judy family and reflects perfectly in the selection philosophy of our group: bulls from great families, great conformation and production proofs and the ability to produce long lasting cows for the progressive breeders.

Judo comes from one of the best families developed in Italy. His dam is a superb Shottle still in production in the herd of origin. He builds a type of cow that will last long in every herd: Judo's daughters are very strong cows with great BCS with perfect udders.

Beyond these confirmed champions we add sires like Scolari, Zamagni, Mincio, Golden Dreams and Eudon that are actively contributing to the improvement of Holstein herds all over the world. To our great satisfaction we observe this sires successful over time thanks to their genetic value and to the renown reliability of the Italian selection program.

Among the newly proven bulls we highlight:

• Inseme Mogul Barreto, a great Mogul son with high production proofs. He comes from the Ladys-Manor Ruby Marcie family;

• Silver Ghost, a Numero Uno from the Snowman family very strong for milk fat and protein contents and fitness traits;

• All Ven Attila Spoon, the first son of our Attila out of one of the best Planet daughters in the world, very high for milk fat and protein content, conformation and health.

In the picture: Corvini CHAVEZ Cavia VG86 (CHAVEZ x Shottle) 1° 1/10 297 day 13155 kg 3,55 fat 3,20 pr. 2° 2/09 305 day 15755 kg 3,66 fat 3,27 pr.




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