We are pleased to present you the new INSEME bulls for the April 2017 genetic evaluation run. Please note that in this run the yearly genetic base update has taken place.  For INSEME and Semenzoo Italy it is an exceptional result: in the official Italian list these two brands have 18 sires out of the top 20! We added a great group of new entries to our sires portfolio. Many of them come from our genomic program. The most exciting new sire is All. Nure Secretariat, a Numero Uno son from a Baxter dam and a Goldwyn GDM.  Next in the pedigree we can find Morningview Converse Judy, one of the most important brood cows of the Holstein breed. With 373 daughters in his production index, Secretariat shows an outstanding  + 2.87 type proof, the best in Italy. He is also +3.52 for UDC, has superior components and health traits are exceptional. Koepon Inseme Geldof, Hunter x Million x Tir An Shottle Goldmine has GPFT 2,603, very good milk combined with type +2.54, UDC + 2.93 and good health traits.  Another Hunter son shows very interesting indexes: his name is Giessen Inseme Clapton, out of Giessen Cinderella 22 a Bolton daughter from Giessen Cinderella 15, an Excellent Shottle from the Glenridge Citation Roxy Ex 97 family! Clapton has a balanced production proof, transmits outstanding udders and good heath traits.

Koepon Inseme Colbert is an Epic son from Koepon Man O Man Claudia, out of the Tirsvad Luke Classic EX90 family, one of the most important European bull dams. Colbert has balanced production indexes, very good type and very good health traits.

We are very pleased also with the proofs of already well known sires like Gandy Goldday Valverde (Goldday x Jardin) who now has a GPFT of +2,970 and Royal Jeeves Scolari, GPFT +2,835.  Amighetti Inseme Aristocrat (Snowman x Planet;  Numero Uno family) has his second proof and a  GPFT  of +2,688. Castelbosco Inseme Judo (Iota x Shottle x Britt), GPFT 2,629, now has a + 3.07 for UDC and is one of the best proven sires for daughter fertility. Also All. Mei Royal Chavez, the Snowman from the Cosmopolitan family remains at the top, and last but not least Campogallo Zamagni is still the best outcross sire in the breed. Our Stars like Eudon, Golden Dreams and Eject all confirm their value and are still very popular sires thanks to their highly performing daughters.

In the genomic sires group the “grand champion” is Mirabell Sound System, one of the most important sire of sons worldwide. This Silver son is out of one of the best Italian cow families, homebred for 44 years. His proof shows excellence in every trait. Milk, components, Type, Udder and Health: his genomic profile is very impressive.  Vaye Royal Monfort is another quite complete genomic sire with a unique pedigree. He is a Rodanas son from an exceptional VG86 Supersire mother from the Barnkamper Marilyn family. Another new entry is Inseme Penmanship Enterprise, from a Balisto dam, from the well known UFM-DUBS Eroy family: KBB casein with high protein %, he transmits a modern type profile with very good health traits. The other Star, Garioni Royal VANHALEN, improves again his proof and confirms his exceptional worldwide interest.  Fantasy All.Mei Sharpe still shines with his genomic value. A very well confirmed sire is also MR Inseme Dalashi, one of the  Italian  Kingboy sons from a Mogul dam and Shamrock GDM, from the Ladys-Manor “D” family. In his genomic profile we can find a lot of milk production, outstanding type and a very good longevity.

Picture: All. Nure Secretariat EX92




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