Among genomic bulls our top leader is still Mirabell Sound System, an extraordinary bull, among the best for every type of index in international sire lists. As a very complete sire, he has become a reference point for all world breeders.

Garioni Vanhalen, A2A2 for betacasein, is also very interesting, confirming his great proofs. He is highly appreciated for an exceptional semen fertility.

To these two champions we add Plain-Knoll Inseme Monarch, a Modesty son from the Mirror family. With a GTPI of 2735 and Net Merit + 835, A2A2 for beta casein, we believe he will be a success sire in the upcoming months.

Go-Farm Sprite is a great Afterburner son our of a Speaker dam, the same family of our sire Wyman. He is a sire of great quality of production: high fat and protein percent combined with low somatic cells. Very similar to Sprite in his genomic profile is P.Libello Inseme Bellodi, a Battlecry son out of a Doorman dam, also A2A2 for beta casein.

An always interesting bull is Inseme Penmanship Enterprise. He is the perfect sire for the cows of the future thanks to production proofs that balance quantity and quality of production, conformation value and excellent managements traits.

Another great sire is Vaye Inseme Monfort, a son of our Rodanas coming from one of the best daughters of Supersire Europee. He is also a perfect combination of production, conformation and fitness traits.

Interesting news are Gandy Inseme Monteverdi with his "full" brothers Moondance and Monzon: these Hotrod sons out of a McCutchen dam and Planet next dam, are homozigous A2A2 for beta casein, transmit great production with excellent conformation and good health traits. Their dam Gandy Ludmilla has impressive trasmitting abilities, confirmed by his third position if the GPFT cow list in Italy!

The genomic sire portfolio is enriched by a great group of bulls and with a genetic profile that combines milk processing qualities of K casein BB with nutritional qualities of betacasein A2A2: Bontrager, Kasdan, Farrel, Peckerman, Carloforte, Hiddink.

For type improvement we highlight the entry of Sabbiona Cotton Club, in addition to the already known Fontaine, Maximilian and Lockart. He is a 1st Class out of a Meridian dam with grand dam Million coming from the Sabbiona Cruda family, the unforgettable dam of our Sabbiona Goldfarm.

In the picture: Garioni Royal Montross Valkyria VG85 - Full sister of Vanhalen.




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