We are very proud to introduce you to the December 2017 proof release of INSEME/SEMENZOO ITALY! It is the result of an renewed technical work and of a selection program focused on traits that significantly affect herd profitability! Our sire portfolio has been built starting from sound pedigrees founded on strong families, with a focus on milk quality. It helps farmers to breed long lasting cows with an impressive type. W are pleased to present it to you!

The most important news of this release is Mars Inseme Chapeau, the first for GPFT with 343 daughters in milk and a value of 3021 points! He has very high proofs for milk quality and the perfect conformation for the modern herd combined with very interesting fitness traits. His pedigree  is very innovative being the result of Mogul - Big Time - Oman from the famous Froukje dutch family. Another important new sire is Inseme Observer Irureta, Observer x Super x Shottle with seven generations of VG or EX cows, from the well known Isabel, an EX94 Ugela Bell daughter. Irureta is a fantastic BB k casein and A2A2 beta casein sire,  with a catchy type and super udders!

Koepon Inseme Monterey is an Epic son out of  Koepon Jeeves Mairy VG87. His grand dam  is Caps Mairy 4 a VG Goldwyn with a Durham dam, from the Jo Wal Cubby Metro family. Monterey is an extraordinary type improver with good quality production and excellent health traits.

All.Nure Secretariat is at his third release with over 750 daughters and confirms to be the best for type in Italy, impressively balancing production and conformation traits enhanced by great longevity, fertility and milking speed.  His many second calvers in milk do testify the superb type transmitted by this interesting bull and show a remarkable increase in production performances.

Up in the Olympus , among the "immortal" bulls we constantly find Royal Jeeves Scolari, Libu Inseme Attila, Zial Million Eject, Go-Farm Royal Eudon, Heavenly Golden Dreams, Campogallo Zamagni . These phenomenons of our selection, thanks to the exceptional results achieved in the farms of many breeders worldwide, are still a reference point for those who aims at genetically and reliably improve their herd. Scolari is the builder of the  “perfect cow”  while Attila is the ideal choice for high quality milk production. Eject is the perfect bull for long  lasting cows and Eudon is the benchmark for breeders who need to significantly improve udders. GoldenDreams means Show Type and Zamagni is our Master Cheese Maker.

In addition to these bulls with have a renewed portfolio of genomic bulls with the great reconfirmation of  Mirabell Sound System, still at the top among Italian genomic sires. Beside him we do have now a specialist for high quality milk production: Ceresio Inseme Antani, a Brasilero son out of a Lockinvar with dam Wyman. He is BB for k-casein and an undisputed leader for fat and protein production combined with high production.  Antani has a fat kg proof equal to 117 kg with protein kg  equal to 69:  he is the best Italian bull for fat & protein yield. He also transmits perfect type and great fitness traits.  Gandy Inseme Monteverdi is the Italian Style bull of Inseme catalogue: he offers great production traits combined with exceptional type and more than positive health traits. Garioni Van Halen is nowadays a guarantee. His proofs are exceptional as his daughters that are being born all over the world. Exceptional semen fertility: 120!  Bonetti Enterprise confirms himself as one of the best bulls worldwide combining BB k-casein with very high proofs that build profitable cows.

Picture: Ceresio Inseme Antani





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