An international star shines on his first release as a proven bull. Our Progeny analysts sound enthustiastic after having seen his first 70 daughters in milk. We are talking about a sire that transmits type and functional traits at a superior level! This sire leaves a great uniformity mark to his progeny: balanced type, average stature, strength and balance at large, great feet and legs and udders!
His usage as a genomic sire has given importan...t results to italian breeders. Many of them are measuring his superiority, as for example Livio Griseri of the "I poderi" farm in Cuneo with 5 milking daughters. About them he says: "In spite of their very different dams, it is incredible to see how uniform they are, beautiful for conformation, above average for production but most of all they are among the healthiest cows of the herd. Up to now they had no problems, they got pregnant at first insemination and are not showing any reduction in production during pregnancy".
SECRETARIAT is a Uno x Baxter EX91 x Goldwyn EX91 x Durham EX91 x Bellwood x Morningview Converse Judy EX93 x Aerostar x Memorial x Elevation x Fond Matt
In the picture: SECRETARIAT VANESSA VG 85 VG Mam
Az.Agr. "La Torre s.s." di Griseri F.lli - CN




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